Apparel Shopping Tips

There is no reason why you can’t look fabulous while living thrifty. I personally love finding stylish clothes at a remarkable price. All the discount shopping stores such as Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Steinmart, are great places to find amazing bargains. If you are patient and willing to sift through all of the racks including the clearance sections, you will be amazed at how much you can get for so little. 

Here are a few tips of how I make sure I get the most out of my money. First you need to make sure you try everything on. I know it can be a hassle, but sometimes the fit can be off at discount clothing stores.  Once you have decided that you still want the item, check out the material and make sure that the piece you are about to purchase is quality fabric. Ask yourself how many times might you wear this item, is it versatile, and will you want to wear it next season? Then weigh all of this against the price. If I am contemplating about purchasing a blouse for example, I might buy a shirt that is $6 even though it might not be a very versatile piece because it is $6. A blouse that is $25 would have to be all of the above for me, versatile, quality fabric, and something I would wear next year. 

I also make sure that I really am excited about whatever it is I am buying. I have many times found a great deal, but wasn’t overly thrilled with the piece. It would have been a great deal, had I really wanted to wear it. Also, don’t be seduced by a fabulous deal. If you aren’t loving it, if you can’t see yourself wearing it many times then it isn’t for you. I have seen a BCBG dress for $20 and thought wow I need this. I then really looked at the item and how it looked on me, and knew I really wasn’t thrilled with it. It was an awesome price and great dress, just not for me. Know when to pass up a great deal.

If possible, shop these places often. Usually they get a shipment weekly and the merchandise can vary store to store. I have 5 different Ross stores that I frequent. I always see items at one store that didn’t see at another.  Shop every section, deals and steals can be were you least expect.

When you shop the clearance section, don’t overlook items that are from last season. You can find a great jacket for almost nothing in the spring and summer, and in the fall and winter find sandals and sleeveless blouses for a steal. I was able to find a great tan trench in the spring, and it was marked down over 75% off.  Just make sure that you are getting classic pieces that will still be fashionable next season.