Beauty Shopping Tips

You don’t have to buy generic products or sacrifice your favorite brands in order to save money.  You can buy the brands of beauty products and make up you want, cheap, at a discount, and you don’t have to pay the retail price for them. 

One of the best places you can go is You can look at multiple vendors that sell you favorite product and find the cheapest price. The only thing you have to be weary of is shipping. You might find a bargain, but add in shipping and you are back to retail price. The other issue I have encountered is combined shipping. I found one place that was a dollar more for each product than another online site, but they combined shipping all for under $7. The first store that was cheaper in price, but they wouldn’t combine shipping and were going to charge $36.

Another way to save big is buying the online app for your phone that does barcode scanning. This works for any product with a barcode and not just beauty products. You scan the barcode with your phone, and it will show all of the places you can purchase your item and for how much. I scan my favorite Toni and Guy hair products and find the best place to order them online. Even after shipping, I got all of my favorite, high-end hair products for less than half of what I would have paid at the salon. Scented Monkey is bar none the best place for the cheapest prices on my name brand beauty products. They combine shipping, offer competitive prices, and have all the name brands that I am wanting. Love, love Scented Monkey. I dare you to find all of those products and shipping cheaper.

Ulta is a one stop shop for all beauty products and you can find great deals here when they are running a sale. They often run sales that you can find in their circulars or online that can save you money. They also always have a clearance section or section with marked down items. I frequently browse these items to try new beauty products. I have found $30 face creams reduced to $5, shampoo and conditioner sets that retail for $45 for $20, or $2 lip gloss.

A fantastic website where you can buy a ton and experiment with new colors and trends for little to nothing is Eyes Lips Face or ELF. This online site offers makeup for $1. Lip-gloss, eye shadow, powder, nail polish, eye pencils, brushes, and make up tools all for $1. They are constantly running offers for free shipping if you purchase a certain amount or buy one get one for ½ off. I have spent $30, what I would for good mascara, and received over 25 items plus shipping. Not all of the make up items are my favorite, but for a $1, I don’t feel any guilt trying them out. I am a fan of all of their lip products, eye pencils, eyebrow products, brushes and makeup tools and each of these items are $1.