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The BEST Pulled Pork Crock Pot Recipe, Seriously

This is the easiest, cheapest, moistest, most delicious pork recipe. It practically melts in your mouth and can be used in many different ways. You can add bbq sauce for to-die-for sliders and sandwiches or you can add lime and cilantro for a flavorful pork taco. This is perfect for the summer, entertaining, or a warm hearty meal. 

Pulled Pork Crock Pot Recipe
Cook Time
10 hr
Cook Time
10 hr
  1. • Pork Butt (yes, butt.) You can get any size that you are wanting. I usually do a 3 pounder for just us or two of them if I am entertaining for many.
  2. • Yellow onion (1 if smaller pork, 2 if larger)
  3. • Garlic (you can use fresh or the minced stuff, the amount is up to you. I usually use about a table spoon of the minced stuff)
  4. • 1 can of ginger ale
  5. • Garlic pepper and ground mustard
  1. Cut up your onion and place in the bottom of your large crock pot. Make sure there is some of the onion left over to sprinkle over the top. You might need more than one onion depending on the size of the onion and amount of pork you are cooking.
  2. Wash the pork and generously sprinkle with the garlic pepper and ground mustard on both sides. Place in the pot on top of the onions and spread the garlic over the top of the pork. Add the remaining onions to cover the pork. Add the can of ginger ale. Note: if you are cooking a smaller pork, you might use 1 cupish of the ale. The whole can I find is fine with a little or a lot of pork.
  3. Cook in your crock pot on low for 8-11 hours (depending on size) or on high for 6-7 hours. I prefer a long slow cook. The longer the better.
  4. Once the meat is finished, fish out the pork and put it in a colander. I take off any visible fat and empty the pot of liquid and onion. I them put the pork back into the pot and shred it with a fork. It should just fall apart. You can reserve the liquid if you wish to create any sauce, but the meat is so tender, moist, and flavorful I haven’t found it necessary.
  5. Add in bbq sauce to the meat and let cook another 30 minutes on low, or you can serve immediately if desired. If you prefer tacos, you can leave pork plain and serve with corn tortillas, shredded jack cheese, cilantro, and lime wedges. Notes: prepare for compliments.
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Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty