Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Raspberry Chipotle Chicken

I find that chicken tenders are on sale often. They cook quickly and are a fast dinner with little prep time. I find that my husband will eat just about anything wrapped in bacon. I add a little raspberry chipotle sauce and cream cheese to give it a more sophisticated flavor for me. We are both happy and full after this meal. 

Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Recipe
  1. • Chicken tenders
  2. • Bacon (not the thick kind, thinner is better here)
  3. • Cream cheese (I like to use light)
  4. • Raspberry chipotle sauce (near bbq sauces in the store)
  5. • Garlic pepper
  1. Marinate the tenders in some of the chipotle sauce. I usually do this in the morning or lunch time. Remove from fridge and make a pocket in the tenders with a knife. Make sure you don’t end up cutting it in half. Place a little bit of the cream cheese inside. Make sure to go light here because the cream cheese can overpower if you aren’t careful. I love cheese, but a little goes a long way here.
  2. Sprinkle the tender with garlic pepper and then wrap with bacon. Be careful not to wrap the bacon thick doubling up anywhere. The bacon underneath will have a hard time finishing cooking. If you used a little bit of cream cheese you shouldn’t have to worry about it running out too much.
  3. Pour more raspberry chipotle sauce over the bacon wrapped chicken. Place on a foil lined baking sheet in a 450 degree oven for 15 minutes. You might need more time depending on the size of your chicken and thickness of your bacon.
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Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty