Savory Garlic Knot Pizza Rolls Nov11


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Savory Garlic Knot Pizza Rolls

 I combined two things I love, garlic knots and pizza rolls, into a delicious and inexpensive concoction that is a hit with the family and ridiculously simple.

Garlic Knot Pizza Rolls
  1. • Crescent rolls (I used the reduced fat)
  2. • Pepperoni or Canadian bacon (I like the turkey pepperoni)
  3. • Mozzarella cheese (I use the Kraft block of cheese, and cut into pieces. You can also use half a string cheese although not as cost effective)
  4. • Parmesan cheese (green can is perfect)
  5. • Basil, oregano, parsley, garlic powder
  6. • Butter
  7. • Tomato/spaghetti sauce (any bottle type is fine)
  1. Roll out a crescent roll small end of the triangle facing you. I like to stretch the dough a bit to make more room for my filling. Place a hunk of cheese and slices of your pepperoni or Canadian bacon at the big end of the triangle. Roll it up. I pinch all the open parts closed so that the cheese doesn’t ooze out. Place on baking sheet. Follow crescent roll baking directions. Although, I cook mine a bit longer because the inside of the dough takes a little longer with all the filling.
  2. Once out of the oven, brush the tops with butter (I love the silicon brushes. See below) and immediately sprinkle on the herbs and cheese. I go crazy here. Heavy hands.
  3. Use tomato sauce for dipping.
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