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Easy Healthy Fruit Salsa

When I entertain, I like to have some healthy options for my guests. A fruit salsa is very easy to prepare, light, colorful, healthy, and always a hit. You can use whatever fruit is seasonal or that you have on hand. Serve with some cinnamon chips and you have a healthy alternative to the normal, boring dips and chips. 

Healthy Fruit Salsa Recipe
  1. • Strawberries (one container)
  2. • Mangos (2-3)
  3. • Granny smith apple (1 decent size)
  4. • Lime (1)
  5. • Kiwi (3-5)
  6. • Honey (Table spoon, just enough to coat everything)
  1. Wash and dice up fruit. I cut small enough to somewhat look like salsa, but large enough so that it doesn’t become mush. Usually about a half inch.
  2. Place fruit in a bowl and add honey and some of the juice from the lime. You can add a little zest from the lime if desired. I only use a small amount of the lime juice. I am using this for just a hint of flavor, but more importantly to keep the fruit from browning. You can use more if you wish. Same with the honey. I usually start off with a small amount. I like just enough to coat everything.
  3. I serve with Sweet potato/Apple chips that are flavored with cinnamon by Terra. They provide a great crunch and the cinnamon compliments the salsa. You can make your own cinnamon chips, but I don’t want to take the time.
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