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Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites

This is a great healthy summer snack. These are perfect when I am craving something a little creamy and sweet. Not only do these satisfy my sweet tooth, but I am getting all the health benefits that yogurt and blueberries provide. I could just dump some blueberries in my morning cup of yogurt, but this somehow tricks my mind into thinking I am having a treat. 

Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites
  1. • Blueberries
  2. • Yogurt (make sure it is thick yogurt. I personally can’t stand Greek yogurt but it works. Yoplait has a thick and creamy vanilla that works perfectly.)
  3. • Toothpicks
  4. • Parchment paper (available where you buy your foil and ziplock baggies)
  1. Place a blueberry on a toothpick and dip into the yogurt. Use another toothpick to gentle remove the berry from the other toothpick and onto the parchment paper. Continue this process for all of your berries.
  2. Place the berries on the parchment paper into the freezer for at least an hour before removing them and storing in a baggie.
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