Healthy Spinach Chicken Wraps

I am always looking for different things to do with my boring left overs. We have chicken breasts often, and the package usually contains 3-4, and we always have one or two left over. I slice them up and make a healthy and delicious wrap. I use whatever veggies I have lying around, and I always use a cream cheese spread because it helps hold everything together nicely and is yummy. In this instance, I had half a can of olives after making my Mediterranean pizza , the cream cheese from stuffed chicken thighs , and I always have spinach. Easy, saves money, and I get my husband to eat veggies. 

Healthy Spinach Chicken Wraps Recipe
  1. • Spinach Tortillas (big burrito size flour, any kind or flavor will work)
  2. • Spinach
  3. • Shredded lettuce
  4. • Tomato
  5. • Avocado
  6. • Black Olives
  7. • Left over chicken (sandwich meat, precooked chicken, or omit all together for a veggie wrap)
  8. • Herb Cream cheese (I like Garden Veggie or Spinach Artichoke)
  1. Spread the cream cheese all over the tortilla. I am generous here.
  2. Place the meat, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and avocado on one half of the tortilla.
  3. Roll it up with the veggie piled side toward you. I slightly take the ends of the tortilla where I have placed all the veggies and turn them inward. Using my thumbs while my other fingers have a half inch on either side turned inward, I start to roll the tortilla away from me, making it look like a burrito. Rolling the edges inside, keeps your wrap neat. Think how they wrap your burrito at Chipotle or Freebirds.
  4. The cream cheese should help the final edge stay in place. Slice.
  1. I have found ranch and other dressings don’t bind the tortilla together as well. Just my experience.
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