German Chocolate Brownies

This isn’t really a recipe. This is just a super easy and delicious way to change up boring brownies. I love the frosting used on German chocolate cakes, and I have found that you can bake the frosting right in the batter. The brownies are moist, delectable, easy, gooey, and satisfy my German chocolate cravings.

German Chocolate Brownies Recipe
  1. • Brownie Mix (and the eggs and oil needed for the mix)
  2. • Tub of coconut pecan frosting
  3. • Brownie pan of muffin tin
  4. • Pam spray
  1. Make brownie mix according to directions. Generously spray pan with the pam spray. Pour a small amount of brownie mix in the bottom of the pan. It needs to be about 1/3 of the way to the top.
  2. Next put a layer of the frosting. Lastly, top with the rest of the brownie batter. Bake according to directions.
  1. I have found that I need a few extra minutes because of the filling. Let cool thoroughly if using a muffin tin because the gooey filling can make it difficult removing them if still too warm. Top with remaining frosting if you wish.
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