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Party Treats – Trash and Pink Popcorn

Need an inexpensive, easy, homemade treat? These are perfect for a sweet buffet, homemade holiday gift, a party, or any special occasion. A little food coloring and you can specialize your treat. 

Trash Recipe
  1. • Chex
  2. • Honeycomb cereal
  3. • Pretzels
  4. • White bark or almond bark
  1. Melt white bark and in a large bowl mix with the cereals. Pour mixture out on parchment paper and let set. Break up and place in container.
  1. You can use any cereals you prefer. I also add food coloring sometimes to the melted bark before adding to the cereal mix. Pink for girls birthday or red and green for Christmas.
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Pink Candied Popcorn
  1. • 2 C Sugar
  2. • 2/3 whole milk or half and half
  3. • 1 T white corn syrup
  4. • ¼ t salt
  5. • 1 t vanilla
  6. • Drops of food coloring (any color you prefer)
  1. In a saucepan over medium heat place sugar, milk, corn syrup and salt.
  2. Stir well until everything has dissolved completely before bringing it to a boil. (important)
  3. Continue cooking and stirring until you reach the softball stage which is about 230 degrees. Although I have found it does better if you go past this stage to approximately 250 degrees. It is too sticky at softball stage for me.
  4. Add vanilla and food coloring pour over popcorn and coat well. Spread over parchment paper to cool.
  1. I usually make three large bags of microwave popcorn for this amount of candy coating.
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Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty