Thin Mint 4 Layer Chocolate Cake

I think I am addicted to Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies. I fused them with a thick moist chocolate cake, and it is pure mint chocolate heaven. If you have a terrific chocolate cake recipe, by all means use it. I find that a simple devil food cake mix or any chocolate mix is fine and is just as moist. I cut corners whenever possible. This recipe is super easy and super decadent. 


Thin Mint 4 Layer Chocolate Cake Recipe
  1. • Devil food cake mix (or any chocolate cake mix and will need the ingredients needed to make the mix)
  2. • 2 tubs of Milk Chocolate Frosting (any chocolate type is fine or home made)
  3. • Bottle of hot fudge (the sundae topping kind)
  4. • Box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
  5. • Mint extract (optional)
  1. Crush up the box of Thin Mints with a food processor or big zip lock bag and a rolling pin. Make your favorite chocolate cake batter. Dump the crushed cookies into the batter and mint extract (optional) and mix. I used about ½ a tablespoon. It is a personal preference. Pour half of the batter into two round cake pans. Bake for approximately half of the time stated on the box. Once finished, place on parchment paper and fill the two pans again with the remaining batter. You should end up with 4, somewhat even cake layers. You will probably need to use a knife and level out the layers. Due to the weight of all the layers, it will be important so that your cake will not tumble over after all of your hard work. Let cool thoroughly.
  2. Take your first cake layer and spread with the hot fudge. You might need to warm up the fudge slightly so it is easily spreadable. Place the second cake layer and spread with the chocolate frosting. Stack the third cake layer and spread with the hot fudge. Finally, place the last cake layer and frost the entire cake with the frosting.
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