Designer Classic Summer Shorts for Less

I was looking over my summer wardrobe from last year and decided I needed to freshen it up with a new pair of shorts or two. I wanted to find something I could easily wear again next year, that was a great brand, and stylish. I have classic white and khaki, but I wanted something with a little character. It is difficult finding just the right fit and length that is age appropriate. I am in my mid-thirties, and I am pleased with how I look after having a child. I try to eat right and work out, and I want to show off my hard work but not look like I am desperately trying to recapture my youth. Too long and I look like I am wearing my mother’s shorts and too short and I just look ridiculous. Trying to find that right balance is hard enough and then I want it at a great price. I made a couple of rounds at my favorite discount shopping stores and found just what I was looking for. Calvin Klein, fresh, classic, perfect length, and fit like a glove shorts for under $15. I can throw on a tee and sandals with them for running errands, or I can pair them with a sleeveless blouse and wedge for a happy hour with the girls on a patio.


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty