Women’s Workout Clothes Done Inexpensively

I really love the way working out makes me feel. Not only am I strengthening and toning but I am also getting a boost emotionally as well. I feel better about myself, more confident, proud, etc. Being a mom has made me really have to prioritize and make time for my working out. There are days that I have so much to do that after my morning workout I am still in my workout clothes come dinner time.

Since there are days that I am in workout gear all day, I wanted to find some clothing that was great to work out in and do my grocery shopping and running around in. In my search I found some really pretty stuff. The problem was I couldn’t bring myself to spend $35 for a workout tank and $50 for a pair of shorts. I am going to sweat and get these clothes disgusting. I do want something cute because for whatever psychological reason, I like having a put together outfit to work out in. It motivates me. Weird, I know.

I went on the hunt. I needed something cute, stylish, functional, and decent enough to wear after my workout. I found great things for much less once I started really looking and comparing prices. At TJ Maxx I found these great workout tanks for $10 apiece. They are stylish, light, and colorful and are exactly what I am looking for. I got all three for less than one at a sporting goods store. I found running shorts at Kohl’s for $20. I waited until they were having one of their many sales, and I bought a few pair.

Again, for whatever reason, I feel even better about working out. Something about having a cute workout outfit to get a girl motivated. Even better was the amazing prices that I got and the money I saved. 


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty