High Tech Educational Toy: Inexpensive, Easy, and Kid Approved

I have purchased many toys for my little one that make noise, sing songs, or that say words or phrases. I always press whatever button at the store that says “Press me to Hear Me…” My little Charlie’s face lights up, and I end up putting it in my cart. After a week or two, I am ready to discard the toy because the tune is imbedded in my brain and is driving me batty.

I have found the solution. I had seen these at Target, Kohl’s, and Buy Buy Baby. The toy was Violet by LeapFrog, a cute little purple dog that had lots of “press me” buttons. When pressed, the dog said take me home and I will learn your name and favorite things. It looked cute, but I wasn’t sure all what it would do. I decided to look it up online, see the reviews, price and sales.

I found it online at Amazon for a few bucks cheaper than at the stores, and I got free shipping through Amazon Prime. In two days it was at my door. It came with a USB cable and hooked up to our computer. We simply downloaded the software, and it was ready to go. We entered our baby’s name, favorite color, food, animal, etc. and personalized the songs and nursery rhymes. It took all of 5 minutes. The toy says her name, has a song about her, asks for her favorite snack, tells her she loves her and calls her by name, and plays the songs I picked.

The best part is that once Mary Had A Little Lamb is making me want to pull my hair out, I can simply change the songs in rotation and hear “Itsy Bitsy Spider” instead. As she gets older and more verbal, I can easily change her favorites and keep introducing new songs and nursery rhymes. I no longer have to keep buying new animals and toys that sing various tunes because I now have the ability to pick and change those songs in seconds. This amazing toy was under $20 and delivered to my door via Amazon. We love it!



Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty