Inexpensive and Adorable Baby clothing May14


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Inexpensive and Adorable Baby clothing

I am a sucker for cute, adorable baby clothing. I always want to buy for my little one or all the other mothers I know. I have learned that it is ridiculous to spend a lot on baby clothes because your little angel will only wear it a couple of times. Not only will your baby seem to grow at an insanely fast pace (at least it feels that way) he or she will spit up and do other undesirable things to their clothing. I can’t tell you how many onsies are in the restroom trash cans at various stores due to unforeseen accidents. If I only paid a couple of dollars for the outfit, I am not upset when I have to discard the outfit for whatever reason. I have shopped around and I have found that my favorite discount stores are the best places to buy baby clothing. Carter’s is a popular brand, and I have found that at Ross you can find plenty of cute onsies, rompers, and footie pjs for considerably less. I purchased all of these items pictured for under $6 apiece. I always make sure I look at larger sizes for things my little Charlie can grow into, and I always look at sizes that my friend’s babies are in. I have gotten a few little rompers for $3 that are name brands and make great gifts or surprises.


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty