Target: Baby Furniture for Less Jan01


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Target: Baby Furniture for Less

I was really shocked when I started shopping and pricing baby furniture. At the specialty baby stores the cribs I was interested in were in the range of $350-$600. I just had a hard time spending that much on a crib that the baby was only going to use for a short time. Even if you are looking for the convertible cribs that are supposed to grow and change with your child, I still had a hard time paying what you would for an adult bed. You add in a dresser and a changing table and you will pay over $1000. What? For a baby?

I found that at Target I could get the finish and quality that I wanted in our nursery furniture for much less. I got a convertible crib, dresser, and changing table for $600. In addition, if you spend over $50, you get free shipping. No hassle of trying to transport all your new baby gear home. I put these items in my registry early. I kept an eye on them because Target runs sales often. My items showed up 10% off, free shipping right to my door, and I had what I needed for much less. If the item isn’t what you envisioned, you can return the item directly to the store, no problem.


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty