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A Baby Must Have: Silicone Spoons

Munchkin silicone spoons are A-mazing. Every time someone sees me feeding my little one with these spoons, they always ask what are those and where did I get them.

These spoons are perfect for scraping every little bit of food out of bowls and containers just like a spatula. They are wonderful for little ones who like to bite the spoon because they are so soft and flexible and are perfectly fine when your baby decides to munch down on one. They are light and easy to handle for when your cutie pie wants to attempt to hold the spoon and self-feed.

I am constantly ordering these from Amazon. I gift them to new parents or take a pack along with me to a new play date. I have yet to have a parent not tell me later how much they love them and ask where can they get more. I have shopped around and can occasionally find them at Target.  It is a hit or miss sometimes, so I tend to order them from Amazon. Once you use them, you’ll wonder why they even make those metal coated spoons anymore. 


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty