BCG work out apparel at Academy

My husband and I are both active. We enjoy different activities and workouts. I especially, being a stay-at-home mom, sometimes live in my workout clothes.  I want clothing that is comfy, current, and trendy. I don’t want to pay $50-$60 for a tank top that I am going to sweat in. I just can’t wrap my brain around that. I like name brand clothing, but for whatever reason, I don’t mind wearing a not as popular line of clothing that I am going to sweat in and get stinky.

I was always shopping sales and watching circulars to know when I could find discounts on work out gear. I have found that Academy Sports is by far consistently the cheapest on sporting goods and apparel. I can find major brands on sale, and even if they aren’t on sale it is still typically considerably less than the other sporting goods stores.

In addition, they carry a brand, BCG.  The brand is current with the trends, comfy, is a great price. I buy their athletic shoes for my little one. She has the super bright pink ones and the glittery rainbow ones. They are under $15 and are the lightest weight athletic shoe I have found for kids. I have one pair for outside and one pair to wear to school. The two pairs are still less expensive than one name brand pair of shoes. Also, they are great quality, durable shoes. The have withstood major wear and tear.

I have gotten sports bras and tanks for $12.99. My husband got 3 pairs of shorts for golf. They were all under $20, and he said they are the most comfortable pair of shorts he has ever had. 

I still like Nike, Adidas, and those other brands, but I have found that this brand is pretty comparable and very, very affordable.  


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty