Baby Soft Summer Skin Mar14


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Baby Soft Summer Skin

I love the summer time, but I hate what the hot summer weather does to my skin. I have stopped tanning and sun bathe less, but I do get the spray tan. It is just as drying to my skin as tanning, and I find my skin still begging for moisture. The solution is inexpensive and you might have some lying around if you have children. Baby oil does wonders for me. It helps to lock in the moisture and has an added bonus of making my skin look moist and shimmery. What a perfect beauty aid for the summer time. I shower and lotion afterwards as normal. Next, I rub a little of the baby oil over my skin, and I am ready to sport those shorts and tank tops. My skin not only feels hydrated and soft but looks that way too. Baby oil is under $3 and you can buy the generic store brand for even less. I find that a little goes a long way, so I tend to buy the smaller bottles. The smaller bottles are also easier to manipulate when you are all oily and trying to apply it to your legs and arms. Just my preference, but you can definitely buy the economy size and save even more. What a beautiful way to live thrifty and still have beautiful, soft skin.


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty