Easiest and Cheapest Manicure Ever! May01


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Easiest and Cheapest Manicure Ever!

When I go and get my hair done, I am able to get caught up on all the latest fashions in every style and fashion magazine. A trending article that I have seen is that French manicures are out. I know some will argue it’s a classic, but I am just relaying what I have read. I also happen to agree. Natural, neutral, or short and colorful is now the way to go. One option is to cut your nails short and apply a bright color or a neutral nude. You don’t want long bright nails, hello acrylic circa 1990. The website ELF is a fantastic place to get an array of colors for only $2. I also like the fast dry stuff by Revlon because sometimes I don’t have the time to wait and watch paint dry. My favorite option is clean your kitchen or bathroom. I am not kidding. If you use those Clorox ready wipes, you will be whiting the tips of your nails. It really works. Ok, if you aren’t in the cleaning mood, take a wipe and rub on your nail generously. After a minute, wash your hands and apply a clear coat of polish or buff to a sheen. You will have natural looking nails that pop. Also, while pregnant I found that prenatal vitamins do wonders for my nails. Target carries a store brand of over-the-counter prenatal vitamins for under $10. I pop a vitamin each night, do some cleaning the next day, spend literally one minute buffing my nails and I am ready to go.


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty