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ELF $1 cosmetics

If you haven’t tried it, you should. EyesLipsFace.com is a website that offers make up for $1. They also carry mineral make-up for $3-$5 and mega sets for $10-$15. You can find every cosmetic item on this website for considerably less than department stores and drug stores. It is a one stop for eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, blush, powder, bronzer, false lashes, lip gloss, face primer, make-up brushes, nail polish, gift sets, make up remover, mineral make up, and the list goes on. I have tried many, many pieces from this website. Some have not really worked for me and some have been fantastic. When I think of the hundreds of dollars on make-up that looked great in the store, to only find out that the shade or texture just wasn’t for me, makes me cringe. If you buy 10 different items to try out, you are only out $10. You can try colors and cosmetics that you might not have before. I wasn’t sure if green eye shadow was something I could pull off. I was able to try and see for $1. The website runs promotions constantly. They sometimes offer free shipping or buy one get one half off. Shipping is a minimal amount and is usually more than offset by their various offers. Some of my favorites are the lip gloss, eye liner, bronzer, nail polish, eye shadow and their make-up brushes. When I get low on these items, I always add a few new products or shades to my basket. It is fun to spend a couple of dollars and try and experiment with new colors. This is also a great place for that teenager new to the make-up world. What a great place where together you can pick out appropriate shades and items that won’t break the bank. For the price of mascara at your typical store, you can pick out a dozen cosmetics and have them shipped to your home. Browse the site; see if there aren’t just a few items that might work for you. This is a living thrifty must. Store-Front-ELF-Brush-2 Logo-Elf


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty