Black Friday Prices on Toys All Year with Amazon Prime

Starting in November you are bombarded with ads for the lowest black Friday deals on toys and all your must haves for the holiday season. You can get up at 5 a.m. or stay up until midnight to fight the crowds in hopes of finding that gift you need for the price you want. Instead try browsing Anytime, in your pajamas, day or night, they tend to have the lowest prices or are at least very competitive year round.

My daughter loves Dora the Explorer. I skimmed though all of the sale ads and researched online to find amazon was going to be my best bet. I also have amazon prime which is free 2 day shipping on a ton of items. They come in handy on amazon mom where I get diapers, wipes, refills, everything baby burns through delivered to my doorstep, for free. I found a Dora Power Wheels for under $80. I had a hard time finding a Dora power wheels, and I definitely didn’t find one for that price. Shipping was free, and it was here in 2 days. It was easy, no lines, no fuss, and black Friday pricing without the hassle. Love it.

I then looked at toys for her age group and found a remote control with songs and colors that was right up my little one’s alley. She loves our remote, so now she can have her own and under $8. She also loves to carry stuff. I mean pick up stuff and move it from room to room. I found a great shopping cat with room for her baby to sit up front. They had a ton to choose from, and also those choices come with customer reviews. Found one with great reviews and under $25. I had priced similar carts at the baby specialty stores and even Walmart and this was at least $10 cheaper.

In a matter of 30 minutes, which including extensive browsing and reading customer reviews, I had finished my Christmas shopping for my little one. On Thanksgiving eve, you will not find me standing in long line trying to score black Friday deals. I will be snug in my bed on my ipad shopping in my pajamas for those must have items for the best prices with zero hassle. 


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty