Candy Buffets and Glass Vases

The newest trend is to have a candy buffet for your guests at specials events and occasions. This fun and festive display allows your guests to customized their delicious party favors while also serving as a beautiful decorative display. I loved the idea for our up and coming baby shower.

I researched and found that the best jars, vases, and canisters to use are pretty glass ones so the candy is easily visible. During my research they suggested that you rent the vases for around $50-$75 since purchasing these vases with the different sizes and styles can be very pricey. I thought the rental cost was pricey for a one time use. Living thrifty but not wanting to compromise on style and design, I went to my favorite discount stores, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross. I was able to purchase 5 different, gorgeous, substantial, elegant vases for under $40. Not only did I get all of this way under the rental cost, but I now have beautiful vases that I can use for years to come for get- togethers, holiday decorations, or when company is coming over, and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money. 

Candy Buffet


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty