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Closet Organization and Instant Wrap Room

Dollar Tree is a wonderful place, and don’t be fooled because not all dollar stores are the same. I was able to find all of these storage bins and boxes for a dollar each. I had a large spare bedroom closet that I wanted to convert to a mini wrap room. With all of our friends, family, clients, neighbors, etc., I seemed to never have the wrapping or cards I needed for unexpected gifts or occasions. I, like most, would buy the wrapping where ever I purchased the gift. I hate to admit it, but I have on an occasion or two spent over $10 on wrapping. Ridiculous.  I bought bows, ribbons, cards, scissors, tape, gift bags, tissue paper for a dollar a piece. Greeting cards were two for a dollar, bows came 6 to a package, and I got gift bags of every size and occasion. It was a great way to use a space, and it was incredibly inexpensive. I am now organized and ready for any event or occasion at a moment’s notice.  


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty