Cropped Pants for a Hot Spring

Colored cropped pants are all the rage this spring season. I like to keep up with the trends, but I don’t want to buy a trend or invest in a piece that won’t be “in” the next season. I opted for a classic pair of white cropped pants instead. Light, bright, goes with everything, and will be something I can wear for years to come.

I wanted a name brand but didn’t want to pay an outrageous price. I found Lucky capris at Steinmart for $30, Calvin Klein for $30 at Ross, Rock and Republic for $50 at Kohls. All of these prices are at least half of what they normally would be. You can find the brands you love discount shopping. I try to have an item or look in mind when shopping. It helps me focus and hone in on what it is I am looking for. It can be overwhelming with all the items on the racks with no real displays or coordination going on.  


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty