Home Décor for Those Hard Spaces

I love watching all of the different home décor shows trying to get new and trendy ideas for decorating and updating our home. I also always read up at the salon on the newest and latest ideas in home and garden magazines. The one area I have found difficulty coming up with ideas for is all of those niches and alcoves. We have a space in our living room high above a built in where we keep our television. It is very high, so I left that space empty. The more I looked at it, which was every day since it was above our television, I really wanted something to put in there. I didn’t want a bunch of knick knacks or have it look cluttered. I also wanted something a bit substantial since it was a fairly tall space. I looked to all of the TV shows and magazines for help. I didn’t find a lot that addressed my issue. I decided to start my hunting at where else, my discount stores. I found vases and sculptures that just weren’t doing anything for me or that space. I happened to be making my usual lap around a Ross store and came across the perfect fit. If you have ready any of my articles, always lap Ross. You never know what they will have or what will catch your eye. I saw these wooden circle sculptures that were the perfect height and size. My husband and I have a thing with circles, so I knew that he would love them. They are simple, make the space look like it has a purpose, and were under $30 for the pair. It will take some hunting. I wanted to find the right items, but I also didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. I had found a few sculptures that I liked, but couldn’t stomach $300 for a piece of art that wasn’t even eye level. It will again, take some time finding the right piece, but spending 10% to get the same look is worth it.


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty