Jewelry Galore brings $1 Jewelry with Style

There is no better way to bring new life to an old outfit with accessories. Take a little black dress and make several dramatically differently looks by adding bold accessories. Through all of my shopping and research, I have discovered that the accessories and jewelry can be as much or more than the outfit.

I shop so many different places for jewelry, but I have found a little shop that is a hidden treasure called Jewelry Galore in McKinney off of Custer and 121. Their jewelry is $1. I will be honest, I wouldn’t wear 75% of it because it is too young of a look for me or some just looks cheap, but the other 25% can enhance your jewelry collection for a couple of dollars. I got a bold bracelet that is a gorgeous teal for again, $1. I have a beautiful black and grey chunky necklace that I have gotten numerous compliments. If I want something fun and new, it is a wonderful place to browse and find something to change a look of an old outfit. 


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty