Maternity clothes Done Cheap

I was excited to start showing when I became pregnant. I wanted to run out and buy a dress or blouse or something that, in my mind, signified that I was pregnant. I started my search online. I didn’t know where there were maternity stores or who had the best selections, and I thought the internet was a great place to start. I was quickly disappointed. In my area, I could count the places to shop on one hand. I even looked at online websites that sold maternity clothing, and was as equally dissatisfied. The two shops I found were insanely expensive. I could not fathom spending $150 on a dress that I would get to wear for 3 or 4 months. I could maybe wear the dress again if there is a second pregnancy, but I would have to assume that I would be pregnant at the same season to be able to wear the dress. If I buy the sun dress, then I can’t wear it again if my second pregnancy is in the winter timeframe. Living thrifty, I wanted cute and stylish but not for those prices.

I was able to find a very small maternity section at some Ross stores. I was able to purchase Capri pants and a pair of shorts for under $12 each. At the cheapest maternity store, they run $35 for a pair of shorts. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a large variety at the discount stores. I then looked at JC Penney and Target. They too have a maternity section, but it is small and not a lot of variety. I bought a few more Capri pants at JCP once I had printed off an online coupon for $10 off and they had gone on sale for $25.

After becoming frustrated with the selection at the places where I could find items reasonably priced and frustrated with the places that had variety for a minimum of $100 a pop, I decided I was going to have to approach this differently. I started shopping my favorite discount stores but went one size up. I knew pants might be an issue. The rubber band through the button hole trick can only get you through the first trimester or possible second. I stayed in the dresses and tops section, and I was able to find pieces that were quality brands, that actually fit, and were reasonably priced. I found that there were so many sundresses, especially ones with an empire waist line that had enough flow and material to cover my baby bump. I had to try on 10 dresses to find 2 or 3 that fit properly and gave me room for that baby bump to grow, but I had found a new place that had clothing I could pass off as maternity.

Being the summer time in Texas and pregnant, there were a lot of times I just wanted to wear shorts and a tank top. Maternity tanks were $10 each. I found that I could go to Walmart or any of my discount stores and purchase tank tops in an extra size up, or two, and they fit the baby bump. These tanks were only $4.

I had to realize that I didn’t have to buy clothes that were in a maternity section for them to fit properly and be stylish. I had to improvise. I still had to buy a few core pieces, mainly a few maternity Capri pants and shorts, but I was able to save dramatically on everything else for my new mommy body by living thrifty. 


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty