Party and Evening Dresses done Inexpensive

 I attend quite a few charity events throughout the year. We love being able to give back to the community. The majority of the events tend to be formal events. I want to wear something appropriate for the occasion, fashionable, beautiful, and stylish. I also do not want to spend a lot on the dress and instead use that money to give to the charity.

Discount shopping is the way to go. My three discount stores have dresses for every occasion and at a fraction of the cost. This last trip I found two dresses at TJ Maxx. I spent under $40 for both dresses. I pair these simple yet elegant dresses with a strappy stiletto and a few bobbles and I am ready for any charity gala this year. Since these are both LBD (little black dress), I can pair with different accessories to create different looks. Easy, smart, beautiful.


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty