Elf on the Shelf

What a perfect gift that is really for the whole family. If you have any sort of social media that you frequent, I am sure you have started seeing pictures of a little elf in peculiar places that your friends are posting. It’s a marvelous book and toy that make a wonderful Christmas tradition for you to start with your family.

The book will be read to the kiddos, you give your elf a name, and rules for the children to follow.  The elf observes during the day and then reports to Santa every night. The elf returns and ends up in the strangest places (depending how creative you feel that evening). This is how Santa knows who is naughty or nice. Watch the kids scramble around every morning looking to see where the elf turned up. Not only does the elf know if you have been naughty he also observes good deeds, too.

It’s interactive and fun for the whole family not to mention an extra incentive to get those kiddos to be well-behaved.  You can get the book and toy with a girl or boy elf and light or dark skin. I found mine on Amazon.com for under $30. With amazon prime, I got free shipping and it was at my door step in 2 days. I have also gifted it to friends and family with little ones. The reviews are glowing and anyone you talk to will tell you how fun and wonderful it is. The only con I have heard about this product is that the kiddos will start asking after Halloween where is the elf and when will he get here? 


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty