Online Christmas Shopping

I prefer to buy online anytime possible. I would prefer not to browse numerous stores, fight crowds, stand in long lines, and hope to find what it is I am looking for. For everyone on your list, Kohls is a great place to find what you are looking for.

Kohls online store is a great place to get fabulous deals on all of your Christmas list items. Who needs black Friday deals when you can get sale items and even additional codes directly on the site to save even more. Just make sure you take note of the codes and enter them. The site does not automatically do it for you except for free shipping with minimum purchase. You can even enter your Kohls cash at check out, too. Just make sure you enter the promo codes. I always wait to see when they are offering additional discounts on top of sales before I do my shopping. Check Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. This is when they tend to start the special offers.

In addition, they have started selling furniture and other home goods in some of their stores. In my store they aren’t yet, but online I am able to find everything I need. I got my mother a lamp and a set of pots and pans that she was wanting. The great thing about Kohls that isn’t true for all online sites is that you can return the items directly to the store even if it is an online only item.  If my mother doesn’t love what I got, she can simply return it to the store.

I got a fabulous deal on some blue topaz and sapphire earrings. The retail was $300 and they were marked down 60%. I entered the online promo code that was for an additional 25% off orders $100 or more that I found big and bold on their home page. I also received free shipping because my order was over $50. With tax, all discounts, and no shipping, I got these earrings for under $100 delivered to my door. What a deal. If they aren’t exactly what I was expecting, I simply return to my local Kohls. They were actually better than expected, and I couldn’t have found them cheaper not to mention I had zero hassle of shopping at the store and waiting at a busy jewelry counter.

Stores are offering just as many if not more deals and bargains online like Kohls. No need to endure the late night and early morning black Friday deals hullabaloo.  Do a little surfing in the comforts of your home, bed, pajamas, whatever and you will find great deals and bargains without having to leave your home. Again, be mindful of when store are running promotions and always make sure you enter the codes. Do not assume the site will do it for you. 


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty