Sweet Buffet for 1st Birthday Party

My baby girl was turning one, and I wanted to have a great spread that was beautiful, inviting, and delicious. A perfect fit was a sweet buffet that had a little something for everyone. The sweet buffet items I decided to go with were cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, sugar cookie sandwiches with vanilla icing, candy, candied popcorn, and a white chocolate crunch mix. All items I made, put together, cheated a little and cut corners to create the perfect sweet buffet that was inexpensive.

 I always say cut corners when you can. I used a box cake mix. Easy, fast, economical and no one knows when you top with rich, gooey, homemade frosting. Cream cheese frosting is always a favorite and generates the most compliments. I got two dozen cupcake collars at Orientaltrading.com for $3, popcorn boxes and pink carry boxes for $6 per two dozen, and 120 piece of wrapped candy in coordinating colors for $6. I was also able to get monogramed lollipops and stickers to decorate the boxes. They had everything I needed to put those finishing touches on my sweet buffet such as candy scoops and tied everything together. I used the monogramed stickers on toothpicks and stuck into the cupcakes. I alternated between these and the collars to add interest. I wrapped an empty box up like a present and used it to add height for my cupcakes. It was cute and inexpensive.

 For the cookies I used sugar cookies in the refrigerated section. I made them ahead of time and sprinkled with pink sugar. I let them cool. I sandwiched them around vanilla canned frosting that I died pink. I placed in the refrigerator the night before and set out 30 minutes before the party. Easy, I could make the night before, cut corners, cheap, and were a mega hit.

 I made what our family calls trash and pink candied popcorn which are perfect party treat recipes. I filled the pink boxes and popcorn boxes with the different treats and was a perfect serving size for my guests. I dyed both treats pink and both recipes can be dyed to any color easily. The other great thing about these recipes is they are inexpensive and can be done the night before. You could also place them in a large bowl with a scoop if you prefer. In addition, they make great holiday treats. Place the treats in a Christmas tin or box and you have a great, inexpensive, homemade gift. Orientaltrading.com has a large holiday section of specialty boxes, tins, and containers perfect for homemade holiday gifts.

 I used tissue paper to make the large balls that I suspended using fishing line which can hold the weight and is almost invisible. (Super quick way explanation for the tissue flowers: take a bunch of tissue paper and fold back and forth like an organ flipping over. In the middle secure with a string or ribbon by simply tying it around the middle into a knot. Clip a small portion of the ends of each end of the tissue organ and then gently open each layer fluffing as you go along.) The table cloth was pink tool that I got at Walmart in the sewing section. It was a whopping $3.

 I went the morning of the party and bought whatever pink and white flowers they had on clearance. This is a great way to save on flowers. I didn’t need them to last for a week. I only needed them to look great for the day. I got both roses and lilies for $6 total at Kroger. The vases I got at Dollar Tree for a total of $2 and they are reusable. They looked beautiful, were an elegant touch and I saved over $20 buying clearance the day of. 


Alison Thornal Chief Editor of Living Thrifty